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Since 1982, TAO Consultants has been meeting the computer needs of businesses and individuals.  Beginning in the world of mainframes and minicomputers, when the personal computer became the rage, we were there.

As the home of the Computer Goddess®, computer consulting services encompassed, training, custom accounting and database applications.  TAO helped people develop expertise on their computers and use them as intended.  With the appearance of the graphical interface, the Internet expanded TAO’s services to Internet consulting, which includes web design and development, ecommerce, search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management.

Years of experience have given TAO Consultants’ a unique, broad-based understanding of corporate needs and marketing requirements.  If your technology needs extend from the office to the world of the Internet, we can help.

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Malware – Really Getting Tired of This

malware, Online Issues

A month or so ago, I was using Safari on my Mac when a window popped up announcing that my computer was infected and that a reported phasing website was ahead!  Here is the screen I saw:


Note that I was instructed to call their Helpline to fix the problem. They also listed a website www.macconditionresult.com, presumably to go to for help. However, this is a bogus website, but I didn’t discover that until later.

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Facebook/WhatsApp and Privacy

Online Issues

We have all heard that Facebook is acquiring WhatsApp to expand their reach into the world of Social Media.

But, here’s an issue we probably didn’t think of:  WhatApp created a user base that is based on their commitment to never use the user data for advertising revenue. Now that’s a problem because that’s exactly what Facebook does with its own users.

As a result of this awareness, the Federal Trade Commission has been urged to investigate this purchase by Facebook and block the acquisition until the privacy issues are resolved.

With all the privacy issues that have been revealed in the past year, this is a real concern to many people online. For more information, read the TechNow article.


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Bloody dangerous place Canada

Online marketing

Sometimes it’s just good to laugh.


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20 Rules for Selling Ideas to your Boss

Internet Consulting

This is a great slideshow – funny, but the points are well-taken.

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Thumper’s Mother said….

Online Issues, ORM, Reputation Management

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

I am a great believer in this philosophy, especially when it comes to the Internet. I have long said that unlike gravity, what goes up on the Internet will never come down.

Recently I posted a simple comment on Facebook that I was going to the Rib Cookoff and suggested that anyone else going might want to stop by a booth selling a product I very much support and was being sold by my friends. Someone found it necessary to make a snide, rude comment that held no real value to the reader and potentially impacted the business opportunities of this business. Luckily in Facebook you can delete comments like this, but had I not noticed that comment, it would have served to prevent people from finding out about this terrific product.

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LinkedIn as the King of Social Media for Businesses

Social Media

Social Media – so many clients snarl when I suggest that if they want to improve their online presence, they need to engage social media and the first one to engage is LinkedIn. I can only report. And this slideshow proves my point:

It’s long, but well worth it.
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What Steve Said…

Chesa Keane, Macintosh

I like this a lot.

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Facebook buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Social Media

You’ve probably heard by now that Facebook paid $1 billion for a smart phone app that allows you to post your images from your phone. The app is described by the Instagram team as a combination of instant snapshots reminiscent of the old Polaroid and telegrams sent with to others – Instagram was born.

The Instagram team is small, only twelve employees and the app is only about 15 months old. Jackpot!

An interesting view of this phenomenal business exchange by Miles Burke is presented in his article, Build a Billion Dollar App. He outlines 10 points that helped lead to the success of this company.

Apps are not that difficult to build. It’s the promotion, funding and original idea that seem to be the most difficult part of  finding success like Instagram and Angry Birds have enjoyed. But, hey, why not you (or me)?

Chesa Keane

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Steve Jobs, I miss you already


Steve Jobs passes October 5, 2011

A mere 5-1/2 weeks ago, I spoke of Steve Jobs, Apple visionary — “what will we do without Steve,” I asked. Remember him, appreciate him and enjoy what he gave the world. While I am a computer consultant and work in both the Mac and Windows world, my computer of choice has always been Macintosh since I first saw this computer in 1983.

Steven Jobs changed the world and he impacted my world tremendously. One of the best remembrances I have seen is from The Gaping Void cartoonist, Hugh MacLeod.

He added:

In Memoriam (Steve Jobs)

I remember the first time I saw the TV Ad

It changed my life.

It was the first commercial I’d ever seen in my life, that actually spoke to me, my true self, and not just to (like pretty much every single other commercial out there), whatever short-term, trivial needs I had going on that day.

It was then I knew that I wasn’t just one of the crazy ones, but that it was also IMPERATIVE to actually be one of the crazy ones. That my life and soul demanded it.

It’s not what Steve Jobs created in his his brief but incandescent life- the computers, iPods, iPhones etc etc- that isn’t the big story.

And what we created with his his products, that isn’t the big story, either.

The big story is what Steve helped us believe about ourselves. By putting his balls on the line, again and again, he made it easier for us to do the same.

And so we did.

Thank you, Steve. You will be missed. Of course you frickin’ will…

I don’t think I can add anything to Hugh’s memoriam. You can download this image for free. Or you can order the a limited edition of this In Memoriam – Steve Jobs free except for the price of shipping only.


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Steve Jobs steps down

Computers, Macintosh

What will we do without Steve Jobs?

I have heard Steven Jobs over the years say, “Let’s make history,” again and again. And he has made history like no one in the tech industry ever. From a garage in 1977 where he and Steve Wozniak built the Apple II (my first computer was the Apple IIe) to the sleekest smart phone yet conceived, Steve has been known as a visionary and consistently expanded that role.

Have you ever felt like you discovered someone or something?  You were there before the madding crowd?  That’s my Apple experience. I was in Palo Alto, CA, on January 24, 1984 taking a Mac training class on the day Apple announced the Macintosh to the shareholders and the world. I turned in my order form and was one of the first to have a Mac in Reno. And the romance has never stopped.

Vintage Mac Lamp

Vintage Macintosh lamp advertising used in retail stores

Today, I have four Mac laptops, two iPods and, of course, an iPhone. I can’t even count how many Macs I have had altogether, but I still have my first Mac, upgraded to a Fat Mac, in my closet along with the dot matrix printer to match.

Among my many Apple treasures is this wonderful lamp — vintage Apple advertising in the retail stores.

One of my favorite Apple-related websites is RedLight Runner, which sells Apple collectible items of all kinds. I used to see these lamps on RedLight Runner’s website, but there aren’t any there right now.  Last time I looked the light was priced at about $1,200, which tells you how much I like my Apple/Mac stuff not to let it go. And I have pins, t-shirts, pens, hats, glasses and almost any item you can think of. I’m a Mac Junkie.

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