Chesa Keane, principal of Reno, Nevada-based TAO Consultants, Inc., has been offering web design and search engine optimization (SEO) services since 1995, soon after the advent of the modern World Wide Web, born out of a career providing high-end customizaable accounting systems for small to large businesses in several industries.

The online business model promoted by TAO Consultants encompasses a strong SEO strategy that has become the foundation for online reputation management and brand development for a business.  The major focus is to assist businesses in effective utilization of Internet strategies, with a growing level of experience in online issues management including business marketing and search engine reputation management (SERM), online reputation management (ORM) and Internet search crisis management (ISCM) as well as traditional Internet Marketing and SEO.  TAO helps clients fully understand how the Internet has become a dominant force in business marketing and promotion.  Without clear awareness of how online perception is currently impacting and/or could impact an organization, it can fail.  TAO helps businesses ensure that they have a strong, effective online presence and image, helping them promote their products and services online in the best possible light.

Chesa Keane has intermittently served as a computer correspondent for KRNV News Channel 4 and KOLO News Channel 8 in Reno. She is best recognized by her trade name — the Computer Goddess®.  Chesa Keane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Arizona State University, graduating summa cum laude.