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And the Lion Roars!

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While I consider myself an early-adopter, at the same time my approach to major computer upgrades is one of caution. After all, I can keep working safely if I let the rest of the world test the new software and operating system upgrades for me.

I have a client who was not so cautious and even though he is a home user with personal needs rather than the more demanding business requirements, it was a headache for him when he updated to the latest Apple operating system, Lion.

Two issues created a problem for him:   Quicken and iPhoto.  Quicken 2007 and earlier will not run on Lion (OS 10.7) and unless you have the latest version of iPhoto, you will feel a heart-stopping jolt when iPhone is simply gone after the upgrade.

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Home of the Computer Goddess®

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Internet Consultants: Web Design, SEO, ORM

Since 1982, TAO Consultants has been meeting the computer needs of businesses and individuals.  Beginning in the world of mainframes and minicomputers, when the personal computer became the rage, we were there.

As the home of the Computer Goddess®, computer consulting services encompassed, training, custom accounting and database applications.  TAO helped people develop expertise on their computers and use them as intended.  With the appearance of the graphical interface, the Internet expanded TAO’s services to Internet consulting, which includes web design and development, ecommerce, search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management.

Years of experience have given TAO Consultants’ a unique, broad-based understanding of corporate needs and marketing requirements.  If your technology needs extend from the office to the world of the Internet, we can help.

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