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20 Rules for Selling Ideas to your Boss

Internet Consulting

This is a great slideshow – funny, but the points are well-taken.

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The state of the Internet

Internet Consulting, Online Issues

This is a terrific post on the various elements of the Internet as it stands today. It was designed and animated by Jess Thomas a week ago for a lecture at AIGA Baltimore in February 2010. Thanks to Jess for this great visual explanation of where we stand on the many facets of the world wide web.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.



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Managing your Internet presence after death

Internet Consulting, Online Issues

Something most people don’t think of as they expand their online presence is:  After I die, what do I want to happen?  This is an interesting question.  With this new service, you can make your own death announcements and choose other options for your websites, your social media and those photos, etc. that you leave behind.

Check it out:


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Home of the Computer Goddess®

Computer consulting, Internet Consulting

Internet Consultants: Web Design, SEO, ORM

Since 1982, TAO Consultants has been meeting the computer needs of businesses and individuals.  Beginning in the world of mainframes and minicomputers, when the personal computer became the rage, we were there.

As the home of the Computer Goddess®, computer consulting services encompassed, training, custom accounting and database applications.  TAO helped people develop expertise on their computers and use them as intended.  With the appearance of the graphical interface, the Internet expanded TAO’s services to Internet consulting, which includes web design and development, ecommerce, search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management.

Years of experience have given TAO Consultants’ a unique, broad-based understanding of corporate needs and marketing requirements.  If your technology needs extend from the office to the world of the Internet, we can help.

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