Internet Tools

There are so many great tools that help make your Internet experience as well as help you promote your online presence more effectively. Follow this page and come page for updates and additions for getting you found online.

TweetDeck – if you are using Twitter regularly, you notice that the site is difficult to follow if you want to see the replies to yours or others’ tweets. I was listening to the radio today and I heard about, an application that pulls in your twitter account info, but displays the info in three columns that can be rearranged and filtered for what you want to see.

In one column ou can see all tweets, filter them in the column, clean house and remove what you have read or don’t want to see and you can act on the tweet if you wish.  Another column shows replies to tweets and yet another column allows you to send direct messages to those in your Friends list.  Direct messages are private between you and your friend and are not visible to others in your Friends list.

Cool application; resides on your computer; manages your tweets.  And it’s free.

AWeber AutoResponder – Building an email list is important because the first customer is not your least expensive customer or client – it’s your return customer that’s the most beneficial. The cost of repeat customers is almost negligible, and the profit from their purchases is higher because of the reduced cost. So build an email list. TAO recommends AWeber as the best tool for this.

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FatCow Hosting Services – You have website, but where do you host it? TAO puts most of its clients on FatCow. Why? The cost is one of the lowest in the industry and has one of the highest ratings competitively in the hosting market. Their 24/7 tech support is excellent and the features offered are extensive. For these reasons, TAO recommends and uses FatCow hosting for our business websites and those of our web clients.