Reputation Mgmt

How is your online reputation?  Is it non-existent?  Or are there complaints that show up when you search on your company name or product brand?  Unlike gravity, what goes up on the Internet will never come down. An angry outburst online from a dissatisfied customer or a disgruntled employee to any one of the complaint websites can result in losses to your business that you can’t even track.

Here’s the unfortunate aspect of these attacks: you may have 75,000 satisfied customers who are pleased with your services and only have 300 complaints (which you have diligently worked to resolve), but that small group amounting to only .04% of your customer base, can be disastrous to your business. Even clients with no web presence at all have experienced online reputation damage. While it is important for your business to be found online, ask yourself what will the web search find?

Your customers, of course, have a right to expect good service and quality products from you. No one wants to feel as if they have been taken advantage of or cheated. However, the Internet is the Great Equalizer. All voices can be heard but the issues is that once an online complaint is posted, it simply will never come down.

Every business has a message to deliver. But if you have suffered online complaints, you know how difficult it is to get that message through the clutter. Unfortunately, there are rabble-rousers out there who love a good fight, who love being the center of attention and who are intent on blocking your delivery.

Some people get a perverse pleasure in attacking others—especially from the safe grounds of their faceless computer. Build your reputation, don’t defend it. Your focus should be in building your brand, not fending off those who have nothing good to say about almost anything.

Having your character assassinated in print is difficult to see, especially when you are not able to defend your position. However, you cannot jump into the battle, swinging your righteous sword, defending your honor and hope to quell the flood of even more negative commentaries. Never engage in response tactics unless you are doing so from your own turf — and even that has to be handled with great care.

Crisis management teams up with online reputation management

TAO Consultants’ strategy to deal with online reputation damage is extremely effective. For some time, TAO Consultants and Bernstein Crisis Management have approached online reputation management as an extension of crisis managment strategies with a focus on the Internet.

The first step in online reputation management, is to take the first step. If you ignore negative commentary, hoping it will go away, the crisis will expand to a level of difficulty from which you may not be able to recover.  Rather, approach the rebuilding of your reputation without delay, strategize to rebuild your reputation and clarify your message.

TAO Consultants and Bernstein Crisis Management have developed an effective strategy  that results in a positive reputation online to replace the negative commentary.  Contact us and we will help you regain control of your corporate message.