Just putting up a website doesn’t guarantee that it will be found online.  If you opened a new retail store in a large shopping mall but didn’t put up signage, you wouldn’t expect anyone to know you were there.  By the same token, you shouldn’t publish a website without optimizing that website for traffic. Getting found online is your number one goal after getting online.

There is definitely an art to search engine optimization (SEO) and it can be a complex process that is ever-changing.  What worked two years ago can be a liability for positioning today.  A website that is visually appealing may never be seen by Google simply because SEO basics have been ignored.

We have had considerable success in getting out clients’ websites listed prominently in the major search engines, high in search engine results pages (SERP). There are many factors in achieving that success and we are experts in search engine optimization. Our SEO Strategy will get your website positioned high for your keywords.

We stay current with the latest in changing trends related to search engine optimization and will work within your budget to get your website located by surfers.

Ask Yourself:  Is my website getting found online?

There are definite techniques and strategies we implement to get your website found online. The three major search engines — Google, Yahoo!, and Bing — have distinct and different algorithms to define how they will index and position your website in a search on related keywords. Because Google manages up to 70% of the search engine traffic on the Internet, we focus on Google search requirements.

If your website is not competing in a saturated industry, you might be able to do well against the millions of pages of competition with minimal effort.  But this is a rare occurrence. Even in a less-saturated industry, you are at the very least competing against thousands of pages for many combinations of keywords. We help you refine your website to be successfully positioned against your competition.

If you want to get found on the Web, we’ll make it happen.  Contact TAO Consultants for more information.