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Trash that domain renewal notice!

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If you own some domain names or have an active website, chances are you’ve received a letter in the mail telling you that you need to renew your domain or else it will be lost and snapped up by someone else. This is a very common Domain Registration Scam where one registrar tries to steal business away from another and it can be very misleading to consumers.

What is a domain registration scam?
If you own a domain name, then you probably know that you usually register them for years at a time. When the registration is expiring, you need to renew your domain name otherwise someone could very well snap it up from under you. As a website owner, your domain name represents your online busines and your domain is your online identity and very important to you.

There are countless companies online considered “domain registrars,” which means you can go through them to officially register a domain name. AON Technologies, TuCows, Network Solutions and GoDaddy are such just companies. With all the competition, some less reputable companies resort to fraudulent means to trick one registrar’s customers into switching over to them. The most common way of doing this is by sending that customer an invoice that scares them into renewing earlier than they need to and often at very high prices.

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