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My history with the Mac

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My computer of choice is the Macintosh and has been since January 24, 1984, when I was sitting in a classroom at Apple’s Palo Alto training office.   January 24th was an important date:  it was the day that the Mac was revealed to Apple shareholders and the world.

I turned in my order form for this new wonder computer and was probably the first in Reno to get a Mac.  it has been a love story ever since.

I still have that Mac, upgraded to a Fat Mac (512k RAM with a double-sided floppy disk) and it works beautifully.  Slowly, but it works.  I have owned more than a 20 Macs (probably more; I can’t remember the Mac stream that has flowed through my office) and now own four laptops.  My love for Apple has never died.  In fact it has spilled over to several iPods and my 3rd iPhone.

An article that I recently came across was especially interesting, John Sculley On Steve Jobs, The Full Interview Transcript, published in Cult of Mac on October 14, 2010. When Apple was first building computers, all computers were manufactured in the U.S.  Now, like all other computer manufacturers, their computers are built overseas.

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