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Steve Jobs steps down

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What will we do without Steve Jobs?

I have heard Steven Jobs over the years say, “Let’s make history,” again and again. And he has made history like no one in the tech industry ever. From a garage in 1977 where he and Steve Wozniak built the Apple II (my first computer was the Apple IIe) to the sleekest smart phone yet conceived, Steve has been known as a visionary and consistently expanded that role.

Have you ever felt like you discovered someone or something?  You were there before the madding crowd?  That’s my Apple experience. I was in Palo Alto, CA, on January 24, 1984 taking a Mac training class on the day Apple announced the Macintosh to the shareholders and the world. I turned in my order form and was one of the first to have a Mac in Reno. And the romance has never stopped.

Vintage Mac Lamp

Vintage Macintosh lamp advertising used in retail stores

Today, I have four Mac laptops, two iPods and, of course, an iPhone. I can’t even count how many Macs I have had altogether, but I still have my first Mac, upgraded to a Fat Mac, in my closet along with the dot matrix printer to match.

Among my many Apple treasures is this wonderful lamp — vintage Apple advertising in the retail stores.

One of my favorite Apple-related websites is RedLight Runner, which sells Apple collectible items of all kinds. I used to see these lamps on RedLight Runner’s website, but there aren’t any there right now.  Last time I looked the light was priced at about $1,200, which tells you how much I like my Apple/Mac stuff not to let it go. And I have pins, t-shirts, pens, hats, glasses and almost any item you can think of. I’m a Mac Junkie.

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