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Thumper’s Mother said….

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“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

I am a great believer in this philosophy, especially when it comes to the Internet. I have long said that unlike gravity, what goes up on the Internet will never come down.

Recently I posted a simple comment on Facebook that I was going to the Rib Cookoff and suggested that anyone else going might want to stop by a booth selling a product I very much support and was being sold by my friends. Someone found it necessary to make a snide, rude comment that held no real value to the reader and potentially impacted the business opportunities of this business. Luckily in Facebook you can delete comments like this, but had I not noticed that comment, it would have served to prevent people from finding out about this terrific product.

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Managing your Internet presence after death

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Something most people don’t think of as they expand their online presence is:  After I die, what do I want to happen?  This is an interesting question.  With this new service, you can make your own death announcements and choose other options for your websites, your social media and those photos, etc. that you leave behind.

Check it out:


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