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Email connections important to sales

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While you hear people complain about how email is flooding their in-boxes and they spend waaayyy toooo much time going through email every day, latest surveys are indicating that email is a connection to your customers that is almost necessary.

According to a recent survey by direct marketing agency, Episilon, “A full 56% of recipients of permission-based email from retail companies said they were more likely to make purchases from the sending retailers.” Additionally 52% said they had a more favorable opinion of the retail companies because of the email they receive from them.

What does this mean to you, the business reaching out to your customers?  It means that you need to put an autoresponder in place where you make an offer for future contact in exchange for an opt-in email address.  Your offer can be a white paper, a coupon, or any number of free gifts.  Perhaps a newsletter or a series or just an offer to notify them of upcoming specials.  

Try different offers and once you collect their information, use it!  Send out notifications of online specials or a regular newsletter or a series of “How-to…” emails.  On average it takes seven contacts with your prospect or lead before they become your customer.  In addition to the figures reported above, the study reports that 48% of the respondents say they feel more loyal to the company that stays in touch with them through permission-based emails.

The message here is:  build your website with the long-term goal of generating web traffic with techniques that create strong organic positioning through search engine optimization.  We can help.



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