Web Design

When times are tough or the company budget needs trimming, many companies make the serious and often fatal mistake of cutting their marketing budgets as deeply as the rest of the corporate cuts.  The one area a business should never tamper with is the marketing budget — except perhaps to increase it.  When you reduce your company’s visibility,  your competitors will harvest the business you lost by not being in the eye of your clients and customers. As we know that the Internet is the first place many of your potential customers will go to find a vendor, it’s important that getting found online should be your first priority.

Marketing and business promotion take many forms, from paper to visual to electronic to referrals. But one of the most effective means of promoting your business is on the Internet.  Think of your own habits — don’t you research major purchases online before buying?  If you are looking for experts, you start with the Internet.  Any business not online is losing countless dollars to its competition — and they won’t even know how much or why.

Web presence for most businesses is absolutely essential. If you are not on the web, your can be sure your competitors are.  When you do a Google search on your keywords, your website must land high in the search enginer results pages to be competitive.

TAO Consultants has been offering web design and development to our clients for almost twelve years in Nevada and across the nation.

“If you’re not somebody@somewhere.com, you’re nobody.”

— Dave Harris

I now add this to my favorite quote by my friend Dave:

“If you are somebody@somewhere.com but no one knows it —
your internet consultant and your web team have let you down.”

As an integral part of our web design services, we design your website or blog to be found by the major search engines.  A website not showing on the first or second page of a Google search is a failed website, no matter how attractive.

TAO has been doing web development since the early years of the Web. In fact, we were probably the first company in Reno to offer web design. We can help you with your first venture onto the ‘Net or give your website a new look. But, more importantly, we will optimize your website or blog and get it ready for traffic for your designated keywords. We create the right web page for your needs and budget.

If you have a website but no one seems to know about it, let the Computer Goddess® review your site and implement the changes that are needed to get found online. We will make your online investment pay off whether you are in Nevada or New Jersey.  Just contact us.